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Started by Filiph Sandström

One of the many problems open source projects face is finding contributors, that's why we like many others have turned to an issue bounty service. In our case the aforementioned is called IssueHunt.


The basic gist of this means that if you submit a pr that gets merged to resolve any issues tagged with "Funded on IssueHunt" you'll be entitled to the bounty specified on IssueHunt.


A bonus of this is also that you as a JSPrismarine user is able to fund issues yourself to encourage contributors to work on it. Even if it's a low priority issue/feature request.


On top of this we'd also like to announce that any revenue generated through our Patreon and other channels (in excess to hosting fees & domain costs) will go towards funding issues.


So if you haven't already, join our patreon over at

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