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One of the many problems open source projects face is finding contributors, that's why we like many others have turned to an issue bounty service. In our case the aforementioned is called IssueHunt.   The basic gist of this means that if you submit a pr that gets merged to resolve any issues tagged with "Funded on IssueHunt" you'll be entitled to the bounty specified on IssueHunt.   A bonus of this is also that you as a JSPrismarine user is able to fund issues yourself to encourage contributors to work on it. Even if it's a low priority issue/feature request.   On top of this we'd also like to announce that any revenue generated through our Patreon and other channels (in excess to hosting fees & domain costs) will go towards funding issues.   So if you haven't already, join our patreon over at
about 1 year ago

We're really glad to hear that! There's still a long way to go; but we're getting there
about 1 year ago

There's an official test server running on, it will automatically update to the latest master commit (and eventually dev once we've moved into following strict semver). Ping me on discord if you've tried connecting to it and it appears to be offline, or if you've found an issue with it so we can check the server logs.
about 1 year ago

A huge part of enjoying the game is the world generation, so getting everything working as close as vanilla is a must. Looks like a perfect basis for our vanilla generation but we'll need to refactor the whole generator/chunk system first.
about 1 year ago

A lot of people has asked about a somewhat official roadmap/todo list for JSPrismarine. The following on top of already open issues is a basic gist of it and will be updated as we go along.   Anvil world support. Multi-world support with dimensions (we should refactor/rework the WorldManager). Crafting (shaped and shapeless recipes). Chunk/Block-ticking (Grass-growing, ice smelting etc). Add missing blocks & items. RuntimeIDs. NBT rework in style of GoMint. Entities. Survival mode (health, status effects etc for entities). More involved testing (protocol, logic etc). Get binary-release working on Windows and the newer macOS release. Validate that the binary-release runs as part of GitHub workflow.
about 1 year ago